CHANNEL 4 TV: Earth Calling Basingstoke

Through Julia Warren, a video director friend I was introduced to Taghi Amirani who asked me to compose music for a Channel 4 programme made by Uden Associates, Earth Calling Basingstoke. I was commissioned to write a series of short pieces for use in the introductions to each of the amateur astronomers in the programme.


Steve French - Sport 90

Julia and I worked with the Design Museum to produce two videos to accompany their Sport 90 exhibition. I wanted to incoroporate rhythmic sports samples alongside anthems and chants in the videos, as well as ambient music to be played between the videos at the exhibition. I was able to sample quite a lot myself, but for some samples (e.g. boats in water) we went to a specialist audio effects company, which was fascinating: they would choose the unlikeliest objects to produce the sounds we needed. The first was a more fashion-oriented piece using actors, the other using stock footage based around the Olympics.

BBC RADIO 4: Youth Parliament

I was introduced to the Bank department for the BBC, and was asked to come up with a piece of music for a political programme for younger people called Youth Parliament, presented by James Naughtie. I wrote a baroque-type piece The Contract which seemed appropriate for the subject:


Michiko Koshino is a fashion designer, and her company needed a video and music for a show in Kensington and tour in the far East, and I worked again with audio samples and music alongside images and ideas created by Tim Blake. There was also a promo we produced featuring Gary Stretch, the boxer.


Steve French - Timken

Early on in my career, I was asked to write some music for a promo for the American ball-bearing company Timken. I used timecoded 1/4 inch tape.


Videos are also available on my You Tube channel.

Earth Calling Basingstoke

Sport 90

Faster Higher Stronger

Fitter Quicker Richer


Michiko Fashion

Michiko Video


Forest Trail

Forest Funk

String Quartet part 1 v1.0

Tune for Cyd #1

Tune for Cyd #2