Steve French -  Candide
Candide is available to buy at Bandcamp


My most recent album Candide is named after my favourite book by Voltaire: a comic journey in the presence of a man named Dr Pangloss who believes - despite all the evidence to the contrary - that "all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds". It's essentially having a go at religious belief: religion interests me a great deal as a phenomenon, although I'm an atheist myself.

On this recording are pieces I did for Michiko and two pieces I did for the Sport 90 exhibition at the Design Museum: Faster Higher Stronger and Fitter Quicker Richer. The videos are available on my You Tube channel.

The rest of the album is a variety of styles: I always seem to include a Latin number (Be Bop Ariba) amongst the more thematic pieces, and there's also an improvisation (Fracture).

Candide is available to download from Bandcamp.,
Candide is also at Soundcloud